Vincent was not doing well at the Antwerp Academy and had decided to stop attending classes there. He wanted to move to Paris and the two brothers had been discussing the date on which Vincent should arrrive. Theo was not immediately enthusiastic about this proposed move at such short notice and would have preferred Vincent to come after June, when he could rent a larger apartment with enough room for both of them. To bring an end to all discussions, he faced his brother with a fait accompli: at the beginning of March he unexpectedly turned up in Paris. At the station he scribbled the following note in Dutch with a piece of black crayon and sent it to Theo by a porter. Vincent stayed with Theo in the Rue de Laval, and moved with him in June to the Rue Lepic in Montmartre (background).
(ca. 1 March 1886)
My dear Theo,
Don't be angry with me for arriving out of the blue. I've given it so much thought and I'm sure we'll gain time this way. Shall be at the Louvre from midday onwards, or earlier if you like.
Please let me know what time you could come to the Salle Carée. As for the expenses, I tell you again, this comes to the same thing. I have some money left, of course, and I want to talk to you before spending any of it. We'll sort everything out, you'll see.
So come as soon as possible. I shake your hand.
Ever yours,